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Children can develop their personality in Blauring and Jungwacht. A broad range of activities invites them to discover the unknown. Through this variety all children are included and can therefore discover and experience their own talents.

This is how Blauring and Jungwacht work

Girls can join Blauring, for boys there is Jungwacht. In some communities (places), both organisations have fusioned and work in gender mixed groups.

Life of Blauring and Jungwacht happens mostly in the childern's groups. Six to twelve girls or boys of the same age form a group. The enablers of the groups are trained youths. The group regularly comes together for their group activities: games, handicraft, theatre, songs, dance, experiencing nature, sports and many other things are elements of the programme.Seitenanfang

All children's groups of a community/parish are part of the parish group. The board of the parish group and the team of enablers plan the activities for the whole group: games festival, camp weekend, group meetings, weekend in the snow, parish festivals, childrens and youth mass are highlights of the whole groups year.

Summer camp is the annual climax. Loaded with luggage the whole group takes off for a one or two weeks camp in a house or tents. Singing by the camp fire, hikes, adventure and lots of wonderful experiences become long-time memories.Seitenanfang

Who are Blauring and Jungwacht?
Blauring and Jungwacht are two children's associations in the German speaking part of Switzerland with 20'000 girls and 15'000 boys. Youths are the animators enablers on parish level. They are prepared for their task in provincial regional and national training courses.

Blauring and Jugnwacht are part of the Catholic church, but open for all children, independent of confession or world view.

Come and join us!

Are you curious of what's waiting for you in Blauring or Jungwacht? Drop in some time!

We are looking forward to your partipication!

Information can be obtained with the team of the parish local group or the vicarage.



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